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My name is Barbara Wilder and I am an Austrian born actress, writer, storyteller. Imagine my childhood like sequences of "Sound of the Music". It was magical.
My birth name is Barbara Ungerhofer. I mention this because some of my credits are still in that name.
My story as a professional actress started on stage at the tender age of thirteen. Me, entertaining people started way earlier and was encouraged by a very patient, supportive family willing to watch hours of children's theatre. 
Thanks, grandma & grandpa.

I later graduated from the "Stage School for professional artists" in Hamburg, Germany and study with the Beverly Hills Playhouse, Beverly Hills.
I continued my professional career with the role of "Desdemona" in Shakespeare's "Othello". So, yes, I would describe myself as a classically trained theatre actress but later moved on to play various roles in numerous international film projects in Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, India and the United States. As much as I love to connect with a live audience, as much as I appreciate the opportunity a camera holds to build a really intimate connection with the viewer. 
In 2012 I made my theatrical debut in Hollywood and since then I am working as an actress, producer, director and writer in the City of Angeles.


Only because you asked, yes, I am related to Austrian filmmaker and journalist Billy Wilder and think of him as a role model of storytelling. 

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I fluently speak English and German and previously worked as a journalist.
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