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Single? Want To Mingle But...

-  You find online dating time intensive and exhausting.

-  You're frustrated by never ending chats which never lead anywhere.

-  You don't hear back from your date after meeting them.

-  You're getting only boring matches.
-  You don't attract the people you are interested in.

-  You're still recovering from your past relationship.
-  You feel triggered when someone reminds you of past relationships.

-  You struggling forming a connection with other people.
-  You have problems finding people who commit to you.

-  You're still figuring out your dating goals.
-  You're afraid that you never find love again.
-  You have the feeling there is nobody out there for


If you answered 3 to 4 questions with YES this is your sign to take things in your own hands and hire your personal


 Everyone seems to have their own theory these days about what all men should be like and what all women want, what all men don't like and what all women should do, and the theories are mostly based on anecdotes from a few people who share similar perspectives.

As much as I agree that certain personality traits are more common in one or the other gender, we must recognize that everyone is still an individual with unique individual preferences, especially when it comes to choosing a partner.
I don't believe in a recipe for being attractive to the opposite sex other than being your best self and understanding your own self worth paired with the ability to share a true connection with others.

Many people try to put on a show in order to appear to be someone who will attract potential partners, but because their approach isn't authentic, most people will see right through it. When it comes to the lack of genuineness, I believe both genders, men and women, have a good radar. But what if, you could transform yourself to a person you would want to date yourself? What if you work on your qualities first and know what you bring to the table? There wouldn't be a reason for you to pretend to be anyone but yourself and people would line up. 

I'm passionate about helping people find the right partner and create meaningful connections. I'm dedicated to providing practical advice and showing you tricks which will help you be confident, excited and having fun getting to know other people.

With my help, you'll be able to attract the right people in your life because I work with you on being the person they are attracted to.

I'm here to show you how to use the power of dating to break the circle of you always attracting the same toxic people in your life, heal past relationship traumas and be a fun experience which actually prepares you better future relationships.

Join me and let's start your dating journey together.








Barbara Wilder
Family councilor, Personal Development Coaching,

Dating Coach

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Dating Buddy offers a variety of services. I am able to tailor my coaching to the unique needs of each client. From profile reviews to one-on-one zoom calls, I am committed to helping my clients find the fun, love and relationships they desire. I provide both virtual and in-person services that are individually shaped to best meet the needs of each client.

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