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Great news!!! Mr. Lonely got two nominations from Indie Short Fest. One for Best Director and one for Best Experimental short. Mr. Lonely also is award winner for Best Music Video of Indo Global International Film Festival. American Golden Picture International Film Festival included "Mr. Lonely" in their film festival!! Thank you so much to all jurors!

Check out this IMDB qualified Film Festival out here:

Mr. Lonely

A surreal experimental short movie taking place in the mystical Wondervalley desert. Symbolism is leading the audience through the story which is told through the power of music.

The short movie Mr. Lonely's story is the story of disguise. A visitor knocks on the door of a couple, husband and wife. The visitor and the wife are seen with the symbol of disguise, a rabbit mask. Boots get taken off like the burden of different times.

A song is sung telling a story of loneliness and unity. In the end there is a shot fired. Did the visitor kill the husband? Or did the husband killed the visitor?!

The Hollywood Professional Association (HPA) has revealed details for a reimagined Supersession set for February 18, the Tuesday of the 2020 HPA Tech Retreat®. For the first time at the Retreat, this year’s Supersession will present a live production - from acquisition through post - of a short movie, in near real-time. The culmination of the production will be a screening of “The Lost Lederhosen” at the day’s conclusion. Joachim “JZ” Zell, Vice President of Technology at EFILM, is at the helm of this year’s event.

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