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Ashley and Lisa are Sisters In Law.

Both of them married brothers. Patric and Adam.

Lisa and Adam live in Boston.

Patric and Ashley moved to California a few years ago, while Lisa and Adam took care of Patric's and Adam's father who recently passed...

How many voices are in your head?

The rational voice, the one who has a plan, a clear goal, future and reason. The emotional voice, who lives in the past, full of fear based on past experiences. The voice of the inner child, playful living in the...

Kesariya Balam is the first Austrian Bollywood movie directed and produced by Sandeep Kumar.

The movie was shot at monumental locations in Vienna, Tirol Austria and India. BarBara Wilder  plays in the movie the leading part Carolyn.
The Press hono...

a movie related to Pink Floyd’s, Syd Barret. B Wilder playing the little fairy in Syd's head.

The film itself is the story of Roger Bannerman, reclusive rock star from the late sixties, and the obsessed fan who "stalks" Roger and eventually kidna...

 At the Indian Film Festival Barbara Wilder was goofing of with Deep Roy.
The two rocked the red carpet and celebrated Indian superstars.


Barbara Wilder's article, which was featured in the TRENDMAGAZIN.CH 
DEEP ROY stands only 1.32 meters tall b...

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