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Remember a day, a movie about Pink Floyd

a movie related to Pink Floyd’s, Syd Barret. B Wilder playing the little fairy in Syd's head.

The film itself is the story of Roger Bannerman, reclusive rock star from the late sixties, and the obsessed fan who "stalks" Roger and eventually kidnaps him. Roger is part Syd, part Darryl and part "typical rock star". The creators of this film, producer and lead actor Darryl Read, and writer Bernard White, famed Syd Barrett afficionados, have managed to involve a number of people who knew Barrett and were key members of the sixties "scene" - Peter Jenner, Jenny Fabian, Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon (who shot the footage that became "Syd's First Trip"), and Richard Wright, amongst others. Richard Wright's main contribution was to give the rights to "Remember A Day", for Darryl and Bernard to use as the soundtrack - and also provided a very rare instrumental version which appears over the end titles! BarBara Wilder aka Ungerhofer plays the part of Emilyn in the newly added scenes shot in 2008. Emilyn (related to the Pink Floyd song Emily) is the personified fairy-look psychoses of the leading character Roger.

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