How many voices are in your head?

The rational voice, the one who has a plan, a clear goal, future and reason. The emotional voice, who lives in the past, full of fear based on past experiences. The voice of the inner child, playful living in the moment. Betta, Emmy and Kido are more than just three peas in a pot. They are three voices in one head.

Trinity is a short movie written and directed by Barbara Wilder.Starring Barbara Wilder, Taryn Falcetti, Victoria Jacobsen and Cameron Arnett. Music by Barbara Wider. Director of Photography David Dejesus and Juan Pablo Digenio. Sound by Cameron Arnett. Artwork by David Dejesus.





Thanks to Beverly Hills Playhouse.The movie is about three voices in the head of one person. The future oriented/rational voice, the past oriented/emotional voice and the present oriented/spiritual inner child voice and the conflicts they face with each other during the day.

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