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LA Film And Video

Film And Video Production For Every Budget

When you absolutely can’t take any chances on your L.A. shoot. 
We’re here for you! 

Since day one, our Production House has produced top quality projects for a variety of industries - get in touch today and let’s start working together!

CEO, producer and LA Fixer Barbara Wilder is happy to help you put together the best production team in Los Angeles which fits your budget. Our roster includes high class industry professionals for your well budgeted projects as well as carefully screened and vetted Indie filmmakers for your low budged projects. Get in touch with us and get a FREE Quote! 

Film Crew

Services LAFilmAndVideo


  • A briefing to get to know each other. We'll talk about your project requirements and your budget.

    Other than different production companies, we can accommodate to a smaller or a bigger budget.


    Because we're working together with all sorts of filmmakers, ranging from indie filmmakers to high end industry professionals. So, no matter your budget, we'll make it work!

  • Script: We will create a tailored script for your project. 

  • Location: We will help you to find the most amazing locations in Los Angeles that make your project stand out. We are not only very well connected in Los Angeles and are able to get you the lowest rental prices, but we also manage two location sites ourselves. Just ask for more info.


    We film your project and direct you to create stunning performances. We have a lot of experience in directing and producing, so you are in good hands.

    Depending on your project we also take care of background actors or models for you.

    Once principal videography is completed, we will:

  • Edit your material

  • Color correct and grade the footage

  • Add sound design accordingly

As true partners and creative problem solvers, we ensure that each of our services lead to your satisfaction and success. Check out the variety of services we offer below, and get in touch with us regarding any questions.


Reliable film and video production support for US based and overseas production teams, journalists and event organizer!

We are a team of reliable young professionals who support US-based and overseas journalists and film crews here in Los Angeles with their production. We offer services such as event video production, location scouting, basic production management, research and assistance with translations, visa and permits. We work with local partners across Los Angeles to provide talent and logistics services.

Our services include:

-Video production of LA-based events.

– General support in production planning for foreign film teams and international journalists

– Crew, equipment and logistics sourcing.

– General production management, location planning and scouting in Los Angeles.

– Advice on visas and filming permits.

– Talent pool

We have numerous professional and reliable actors, models, singers, dancers, choreographers, musicians, voiceovers, presenters in our talent pool.

– Production of B-roll footage from local locations in Los Angeles that can be used for your film projects.

In addition to these services, our partners can perform a number of functions on your production team.

Whether you are planning a film/video production in Los Angeles or just need footage from Los Angeles, we are your best contact to keep your production costs as low as possible and to make your production as easy as possible!

First consultation are free of charge.


Zuverlässige Unterstützung bei der Film und Videoproduktion für in- und ausländische Produktionsteams, Journalisten und Veranstalter!

Wir sind ein Team von zuverlässigen jungen Fachleuten, die in- und ausländische Filmemacher, Veranstalter, Journalisten und internationale Filmcrews hier vor Ort in Los Angeles bei der Produktion unterstützen. Wir bieten Dienstleistungen wie die Unterstützung bei der Drehortsuche sowie Produktionsleitung, Recherche, Übersetzungen und Hilfe bei Visa und Drehgenehmigungen an. Darüber hinaus arbeiten wir mit lokalen Partnern in ganz Los Angeles zusammen, um die Talent-, Crew- und Equipmentsuche so eifach wie möglich zu gestalten.

Unsere Dienstleistungen beinhalten:

-Film und Videoproduktion von Veranstaltungen die in Los Angeles stattfinden.

– Allgemeine Unterstützung bei der Produktionsplanung für ausländische Filmteams und internationale Journalisten.

– Crew-, Equipment und Logistik-Sourcing:
Wir arbeiten mit ihrem Budget um ihr Projekt nach ihren Vorstellungen umzusetzen.

– Produktion Management, Location Scouting und Planung für ihre Dreharbeiten in Los Angeles.

– Beratung in Bezug auf Visas und Drehgenehmigungen.

– Talentpool
Wir haben zahlreiche professionelle und zuverlässige Schauspieler, Models, Sänger, Tänzer, Choreographen, Musiker, Voiceovers, Moderatoren in unserem Talentpool, die wir gerne an ihre Produktionen vermitteln.

– Bereitstellung und Produktion von B-Roll-Filmmaterial in Los Angeles, das für Ihre Filmprojekte verwendet werden kann.

Zusätzlich zu diesen Dienstleistungen können unsere Partner ganz nach ihren Wünschen eine Reihe von Funktionen in Ihrem Produktionsteam übernehmen. 

Wir arbeiten mit professionellen Filmteams in Los Angeles zusammen damit ihre Produktion die Filmaufnahmen bekommt, die sie benötigt.

Wir sind ihre besten Ansprechpartner um ihre Produktionskosten so niedrig wie möglich zu halten und ihre Produktion so einfach wie möglich zu gestalten!

Erste Recherchen und Beratungen bieten wir kostenlos an.

Egal wie groß oder klein der Auftrag ist, wir senden Ihnen umgehend ein konkurrenzfähiges Angebot zu.

What Our Clients Say

“Barbara was extremely knowleadgable in helping set up my most recent event in L.A. I recommend her services to anyone seeking to film or find talent locally.”

Marc Henry Johnson

Producer, HBO’s The Deuce

“I have come to repeatedly rely on Barbara Wilder’s broad expertise when I’m doing offline or online shoots and I need suitable locations or below-the-line talent on short notice. Highly recommended.”

JL Coronado

Producer, In-Security
Creative Director, InternetMotion

"Quick and outstanding work. Needed help with the production of our short movie in LA. Barbara found me an amazing crew in no time. Definitely recommend LAFilmandVideo!"
Amy, Indie Filmmaker


"Me and my team are from Texas. We don't know anyone in Los Angeles. Barbara helped us with location rental, getting permits and located an Los Angeles based equipment rental. She even helped us finding our background actors. This saved us months of research."
Dylan, Indie Filmmaker

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