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B Wilder having a chat with Jeff Goldblum

Just around the Hollywood Boulvard Barbara Wilder visits Jeff Goldblum at the IVAN KAHN’S CAFE WAS. The two are chatting about Jeff's passion for Jazz music and the time, he started out in Hollywood.

Barbara Wilder's article featured in the TRENDMAGAZIN.CH 1986 JEFF GOLDBLUM had his breakthrough with his leading role in the movie “The Fly”. He’s been on everyone’s lips since “Jurassic Park” and “Independence Day” having been nominated for an Oscar no less than ten times, including a nomination for “Best Actor”. A lesser known side of this multi-talented man are his musical abilities and skills

Most people do not know that JEFF GOLDBLUM is an excellent piano player as well. For years now he’s been entertaining crowds with his Jazzband “THE MILDRED SNITZER ORCHESTRA” in Los Angeles. He can be seen playing Jazz classics from all over the world at his show at the IVAN KAHN’S CAFE WAS in Hollywood on Monday nights. The show starts around 9p.m. and with a very short intermission lasts almost three hours. You can honestly describe him as a down-to-earth and humble person and recognize his ability to become one with the music. His musical talent and the skills of his band members are shining through in joyful improvisations. Every week, guest musicians are honored to be a part of the show. Even KEVIN SPACEY was seen singing a song with GOLDBLUM. The level of musicianship is extraordinary and that’s the reason why the ranks of the audience members keep growing every week, as no one wants to miss out on this great musical experience After the performance I had the opportunity to chat a little with the 6’4 tall man. He greets me friendly with a tender handshake that would make any woman weak at the knees, not excluding this woman. As I am asking him, how long he has been playing with his band all over the country, he just smiles and says that it must be a while since he’s already forgotten and can’t remember the exact number at his age. A few jokes later he opens up a little and shares a little secret. His band was named after the charming LADY MILDRED SNITZER from Pittsburgh, (born in 1908).

After JEFF GOLDBLUM got rejected from the local acting school , she sent him to have a little talk with her brother in law, LOU SCHNITZER. He was one of the Old School Agents and one of the major players of his time and sent JEFF GOLDBLUM to New York, the rest, as we say, is movie history. The truth is, Jeff GOLDBLUM has been playing piano since he was a child and had we not known him as a Great Actor today, we might as well could have known him as a Great Musician Although the 59 year young is on the best way to actually spread the world in this regards. You are never to old to start a new career!

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