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B Wilder rocks as the new Miss Austria-Queen of the Universe Beauty Pageant


was invited to compete in Queen of the Universe Pageant, which took place at the Saban Theater, Beverly Hills on March 16th 2014. She will function as Miss Austria-Queen of the Universe for whole year. In this charge, B Wilder is dedicated to support charities with the subject of environmental education, Non-GMO positions and Animal Cruelty Free Living.

Celebrities: Joyce Giraud, Michael Ohoven, Jennifer Lopez, Tamala Jones, Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richard, Lance Bass, Ashley Hinshaw, Brittany Underwood, Cailee Rae, Christy Carlson Romano, Elizabeth Espinosa, Melissa Marty, Phoenix White, Pili Montilla, Scheana Mane.

QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE is a beauty pageant unlike any other. Founded by the former Miss Puerto Rico & Miss Universe Runner-Up Joyce Giraud, this year 58 women from around the globe (regardless of marital status, motherhood, sexual orientation, or other factors that might disqualify them from other such pageants) will compete for the title. The one requirement is that the contestants have a philantrophic spirit and desire to do good for their community and the world.The QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE pageant is charity-based, with all proceeds benefitting UNESCO Education for Children in Need Foundation. For more info, please visit www.queenuniversepageant.comand making our world a better place for our next generations.

Interview with B Wilder:

"I am working as an actress and a journalist and I dedicate my day to environmental education.I would love to use this opportunity of exposure to raise awareness on environmental degradation, problems and solutions and continue my fight against animal cruelty."

What do you want to do in life?

"I want to stand up for a planet, which considers every life as precious, a world full of fresh water and fresh air, real food, a planet without torture, a planet where everybody can choose their passion as their profession, a planet where humans realize that their is no balance without being in balance with their environment."

What message do you want to convey?

"Be careful how you talk to your children, because your words, become their inner voice.

Teach them trust.

Put their happiness above all, because only happy people will find love! Teach them respect for our planet.

Stick up for others, so your children follow your lead.

Give them the possibility to be friends with nature and animals, so their heart will be filled with empathy.

Let them have a voice to be able to speak the truth.

Be an example of gratefulness even in tough times.

Tell them that life is a journey and the easiest paths are lead by the crowd, the most beautiful spots are behind lonely, winding roads.

Tell them that pain and failure is inescapable but fear is optional.

Make your children thinkers, not followers.

Tell them to question everything and encourage their curiosity.

Always remind them of their free will.Let them choose a profession which makes them happy.

Tell them that true beauty is an accomplishment and only seen by a pure heart."

I would be grateful

if you helped my charity


Thank you, B Wilder

Barbara B Wilder Ungerhofer
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