Sisters In Law

Ashley and Lisa are Sisters In Law.

Both of them married brothers. Patric and Adam.

Lisa and Adam live in Boston.

Patric and Ashley moved to California a few years ago, while Lisa and Adam took care of Patric's and Adam's father who recently passed away.

Lisa turns up at Ashley's apartment with the excuse that she wants to report the death of Adam's and Patric's father. Both women start with the usual family talk, where Ashley explains her vision of a life without children while Lisa brags about her 70 hour work week and ends with a heated discussion on how to split the heritage. After a passive aggressive battle with beer and cigarettes and Lisa's mental breakdown it becomes clear that she is ready to stay in California, vacation country.

A hilarious family drama written by Barbara Wilder and Patrice DiPietro Starring Barbara Wilder and Patrice DiPietro Directed and Produced by Barbara Wilder

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